Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Love You A Latte

My husband and I are big fans of Jerry Seinfeld's show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The show has awoken the coffee connoisseur inside of my husband. I blame the B-roll footage of the coffee being made. It's all artsy and the coffee looks so enticing... it's like coffee porn.

My husband mentioned that he was thinking about getting rid of our pod machine and getting an espresso machine. So that is what I got him for his birthday... a super fancy espresso machine! It has a cup warmer and it makes great foam... those were the selling points for me :)

To keep in with the coffee theme I made him a cake shaped like cup of coffee. It was a simple enough shape to take on. It didn't look perfect but the flavor was terrific! The mocha buttercream was really good... I highly recommend this recipe! I wrapped the whole cake in white fondant and then topped it with chocolate ganache to make it look like it had black coffee in it. I used swirly candles because I thought it would look like the steam coming out of a hot cup of coffee.

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!
xo Lizzie

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day Tripping; Grounds For Sculpture Hamilton, NJ

A handful of places make my list of all time favorite locations. And any place that can make me feel like I am visiting one of those far away places, without the time or expense of having to fly across an ocean... well, I think any place that can accomplish that is just plain awesome!

One of my favorite places to visit is Monet's house and gardens in Giverny, France. It's an amazing & wonderful place.... and Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ made me feel like I was there this weekend. Yes, a place in NJ did that for me and it only costs $15!!! 

Lunch or dinner at Rat's is a must when you visit. If you don't have time, at least enjoy a cocktail here and let yourself be transported to France (sit outside) or Morocco (sit by the bar).

These are all sculptures- Not paintings! Seward Johnson wanted to pay homage to the classics and bring famous works of art to life.

This is a really fun place... lots of hidden gardens, covered pathways, twists and turns.

Through September 21st 2014 you can see the Seward Johnson Exhibition. Which includes his Forever Marilyn!

The yellow wall in this photo is about 10 feet tall!

Peacocks roam the property and mingle with the sculptures and guests.

This place is worth taking a full day to visit. I highly recommend eating on the property at Rat's Restaurant or bring a blanket and The Peacock Cafe will pack you a picnic that you can pick up upon arrival!

Grounds for Sculpture well exceeded my expectations... I can't believe a place like this exists in New Jersey!
xo Lizzie

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My Samardzija puppy turned 9 and we celebrated with puppycakes!

Trying to hold herself back... she later inhaled it!

My sweet birthday girl :)

I used Brown Eyed Baker's puppycakes recipe. They turned out perfectly and puppy really loved the peanut butter yogurt frosting! I liked that the recipe used whole wheat flour and applesauce.

Happy Birthday Samardzija!
xo xo xo xo

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blinged Out Bridal Bash In Brooklyn!

Wow... Brooklyn girls know how to party! A sweet customer shared these photos of the blinged out bridal shower she threw for her friend, Danielle. Amazing! I love the the high heel shoe cupcakes! The beautiful cake and cupcakes were made by Lulu Popz in NYC! And the stunning photographs were captured by Marcelo Bobbio Photography

Cake by Lulu Popz

want need a pair of these 
high heel cupcakes! 

 He Put A Ring On It cupcake toppers can be purchased in the elizabethdoodah shop!

Congrats to the Bride-to-Be,Danielle! 
Thank you for sharing!

xo Lizzie

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cuppy Cake Toppers Featured

The Esty blog featured my cupcake topper in a recent post and also in an email this week. I'm sharing for everyone planning a bridal shower!

Happy planning!
xo Lizzie

Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY Pinata for Cinco De Mayo

My husband and I had fun this weekend making an owl pinata. We used a kit from SUNNY DAY SUPPLIES. It came with adorable directions, complete with step-by-step pictures. And the best part... everything was pre-cut and ready to go!

Time for some messy fun...

Time to decorate...

We named him Hermano, (the name is from my favorite Arrested Development episode, "Beef ConsommĂ©").

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
xo Lizzie

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hoop Dreams

It's hard to believe our wedding was almost a year ago. Everyone always says how fast the day goes, and I believed them, but oh my goodness did that day fly by! I am holding tight to many of the memories from that day but the farther we get from that wonderful day in June 2013, the little memories seem to fade. Thankfully the incredible memory of feeling so very loved, does not.

I decided I would share a few parts of my wedding. First I want to share the embroidery hoops made by Danielle of Merriweather Council and our seating chart. 

Our seating chart was made from 2 old windows that JT hung from the side of the tent. I used a metallic sharpie to write the names of our guests and drew some pictures that went along with their table numbers.

Our groomsmen checking out the seating chart.

I decided early on that I wanted the table "numbers" to be places that JT & I had visited. So once a month I would send Danielle 3 or 4 places and she would make the hoops. She did such an amazing job that I decided I wanted to use hoops in other places in our wedding.

Our card box was a glass terrarium, we had a vintage pillow in the bottom and propped up 3 hoops in the back that spelled "E & J".

I also asked her to make hoops to hang over our amazing dessert table. 1 with our names, we hung that directly over our cake. And then 2 with quotes from Jane Austin novels. "Ardently I love you" and "my heart is and always will be yours".

I also used 2 pendants that Danielle made on our champagne flutes.

Everything that Danielle made was absolutely gorgeous and we are planning on using the hoops in our home as decor. I have a few ideas of how I want to display them. I'll share once they are hung.

Go check check out Merriweather Council!
xo Lizzie