Thursday, April 7, 2016

Party Like A Pineapple

I am so anxious for summer! I blame the crazy cold temps that blew into our area this week (and the upcoming arrival of our baby boy!). Summer seasonal merchandise has hit the stores and I am seeing pineapples everywhere! 

I have always loved pineapples and I think it's such a great party theme. The symbolism of pineapples is great too... it means "Welcome"!

I felt my shop needed some pineapples, so I added gold pineapple plates, confetti and cupcake toppers!

I added these gold pineapple cupcake toppers to the shop yesterday!

You can find this matching gold pineapple confetti in 
the shop too!

These fun gold foil pineapple party plates are also in the shop! You can find them here.

Party like a pineapple!
xo Lizzie

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools' Day

Did you see Polar Seltzer's April Fools' Day prank? They released a new flavor for April called Unicorn Kisses and said they were changing their logo to a unicorn! I loved the design, so I grabbed a bottle when I saw it in our supermarket a few weeks ago... little did I know that they were hard to find and people are searching for them!

Shop news: I added this new lighter lavender engagement ring drink marker to the shop today! That part is not a joke, you can find them here!

(Unicorn) Kisses,